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Listen to front-line stories from guys rescuing kidnapped children from sex slavery. Yep, that's a thing. Right now, there are over 2 MILLION children being sold and traded for sex. Timothy Ballard has saved hundreds of children himself. Tim left the Department of Homeland Security to start a non-profit, child rescue team, called Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). Hear how they do it? It's candid and visceral. It's not explicit, but it's also not recommended for children.
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Aug 24, 2017

Jessica gives us new perspective about children born, trafficked, rescued, and rehabilitated in America.

Warning: Her first story, while not explicit, is kind of a kick in the stomach. It involves a little girl who was trafficked since she was six months old. Jessica took her into foster care as a 6 year old. She discusses some challenges and blessings of her rehabilitation. It's tough to hear, but also rewarding to know that she is on the path to a new life.  

Jessica has fostered over 20 children in her short life. 

Now she travels the globe interviewing care providers and finding suitable and loving rehabilitation for the survivors that are rescued by Operation Underground Rescue and other great organizations. 


Jul 28, 2017

In the realm of Anti-trafficking we run into Godly men and women frequently. In the ranks of the good, is Jason Buttrill. Toward the end he opens up about how he almost blew the operation in order to punish a trafficker on the spot. How did he refrain? Why did he refrain. 

Pay special attention to the music on this episode, produced by Kyson Kidd with Rashida Call Jordan and Yahosh Bonner. 

When the Saints Go Marching In, Do you Want to Be in That Number? 


Jul 6, 2017

 For those of you that are new to this, Tim founded Operation Underground Railroad in part because his job at The Department of Homeland Security didn't give him the leeway to keep his promise to find a young boy in Haiti, Gardy. Tim and his team have maintained a presence in Haiti for the past 5 years searching for this little boy. 

Guesno came to the Slave Stealer studio to walk us through the story in first person. Guesno runs an orphanage in Haiti where he currently takes care of over 100 lost or orphaned children. 

Guesno is a soft-spoken man and speaks perfect English with a Haitian Creole accent. At times he's kind of tough to hear, but listen closely and be inspired. 

For more information on the Gardy story, see episode 011 Meet Gardy. 



Jun 13, 2017

What's it like to be in the home of a trafficker? How do traffickers talk about their own families? In this episode Tim shares face to face encounters with some of the guys helped put away. 



Jun 5, 2017

Slave Stealer cohost, Mark Mabry, admits none of his kids (ages 16 down to 7) have seen the documentary "The Abolitionist". Mark talks about the difficulty of explaining something as sensitive as sex trafficking even after going on numerous operations with Tim. 

So Tim takes the challenge of explaining trafficking to Mark's twelve-year-old son, Bo. Bo is no stranger to the microphone. He hosts a podcast of his own, you can check it out on iTunes or at

If you have ever struggled to find the words to explain this great plague to young ears, this conversation with Bo and Tim could give you some ideas. 


May 23, 2017

We have discussed that slavery has never really left the world. That's the bad news. But here is something good... such great evil reveals great heroes. Everywhere in the world there are good people with freedom imprinted on their soul. Recently we've met new heroes around the world. These people give us hope that goodness will thrive even in the face of slavery. 

May 16, 2017

It's been a good year for anti-trafficking causes in general. We're continually amazed at the connections we make. Today we're going to talk about the first time slavery was beaten back and the parallels. We'll revive the memory of William Wilberforce and his platform. How did he bring about massive cultural change that went on to change the whole world.

We hope you'll share this.  

The cause needs champions. 



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